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The Blue Unicorn

The Blue Unicorn

Wizard, Wizard!

Bring me a Blue Unicorn,

one that sprinkles magic into life,

innocence and candor to the spirit,

light and color to the soul,

passion and love into one’s heart,

meaning and purpose

for each and every day we are alive.

And in a snap! I am staring at my dream,

In awe and wonder I contemplate my fantasy.

Let a spell be cast, Wizard!

Let me have a Unicorn,

Let it be Blue

as the clearest of all Skies,

And let it be Strong

as to conjure all the forces of the Universe.

On my Unicorn I want to ride through life,

on an endless Journey,

Around and around,

And make of the ups and downs,

a “merry-go-around”

of effortless and well-lived circles.

Wizard, wizard,

Bring me a Blue Unicorn,

one of those that makes life

a magic carpet ride,

one that makes it all worthwhile.

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