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The Chimney Sweep

The Chimney Sweep

The chimney sweep sits on the rooftop

of the city moonless night.

Stars by the millions gaze

like magnificent gatherings in the universe,

through luminescent eyes,

with infinite shades of white,

in full display, just for him.

The sweep is done for the night.

The job thoroughly completed,

having uncluttered and unplugged,

the chimneys and spirits,

of the city dwellers.

Now he waits for the spectacle to begin.

Then, as the large metropolis falls asleep

with the gateways and launching pads prepared,

free of any debris or impediments,

the city and its people are ready to start dreaming.

So it begins.

First a few,

then an avalanche of people’s dreams,

fly unimpeded,

out of countless chimneys into the night sky.

They are like projectiles flying

straight into the firmament of the universe,

taking away dreamer’s dreams,

far into the limitless space,

toward the watchful eyes

of millions of stars,

waiting for them.

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