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Those Shiny Curls Of Mine

Those Shiny Curls of Mine

The gentle breeze tussles freely,

those shiny curls of mine.

The vast ocean reflects

a magnificent canvas

drawing to eternity,

those incandescent eyes

that I belong to,

now and forever.

With a cornucopia

of blues, silvers and whites,

I am handed the privilege

of a limitless palette,

to paint your gorgeous smile

that now owns me whole,

with no room to spare,

but just for our two big hearts,

tightly bundled together,

loving each other to no end.

One side of the horizon,

the sun rises

bringing soft, bright hues of light

to the new day,

and along with it,

an aura of ethereal beauty

to your morning self,

one I contemplate in awe and wonder

and wish it to be as well,

only mine.


on the other side of the horizon,

the sun sets,

its intense tones,

same as your passions and fires,

to those I surrender forever;

through them,

my heart is completely yours,

no longer mine.

And on the midst of the horizon

as a backdrop

to our sails and craft,

displaying every color

there is in the universe,

sits an extraordinary rainbow in full,

traversing the skies

from end to end,

framing you at the center

in a perennial pose,

with your gorgeous smile,

incandescent eyes

and the gentle sea breeze

tussling freely

those beautiful, shining, curls of mine.

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