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Snap (Snap Out of It)

There are moments in life that overwhelm us,

they seize us right at the gut level,

suddenly, we are crumbling inside,

without a clue,

how to cope with the situation.

Sometimes, it is simply doubts creeping in,

or anguish overwhelming our spirit

or just paralyzing fear.

For others, the shell shock is much more profound

as we might be in pain or grieving a loss.

In modern life though,

the prevailing catalysts are,

pressure and stress,

induced by an ever-increasing load,

coupled with a frantic and neurotic pace.

But, what about simply snapping out of it!


Snap out of it!

Snap away from the moment,

freeze the picture around you,

freeze life’s image,

just freeze it!

Separate yourself from the situation you are in.

Think of only nice, beautiful images

and let them take you over.

Focus on what you have, not on what is missing,

zero in on what you hold, not on what you lost,

and, dream about what you want,

visualizing yourself chasing it, with all your heart.

Snap out of it without fear, do it without doubts,

remind yourself that quitting

does not exist on your vocabulary.

Snap away automatically as the situation arises,

without delay.

You have to catch these poisons

before they take hold or spread.

Now relax.

Let go.

From the outside contemplate the image you’ve frozen.

Then, as you decompress you’ll realize,

what your coping mechanisms are.

Did you focus on one thing and one thing only?

If so, then you snapped away through a meditative state.

Or did you simply do it by being aware

of the situation and separating yourself from it?

Or did you do it by freezing the moment?

Freezing the image?

Freezing the picture?

Or did you do all of them by simply stepping back?

In the end how you did it, matters only

as to the path to take next time.

What is really important;

You know now,

how to snap out

and how to snap away from the moment.

And you know now,

how to conquer life’s circumstances,

before they conquer you.

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