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Erasmus Cromwell-Smith


We are all on this together,

we are as ever one.

Make it we are going to,

physically distant

but closer than ever before.

We are going to make it through,

Together, as ever, as one.

It silently spreads…

ruthlessly attempting

to undermine our Society,

threatening the way we live as we know it,

all at once.

There is only one problem,

for the virus to win,

and that is US!

It has to knock us down first,

but that can’t or won’t happen,

It is not even an option!

Because of You, Me, He, She, Them;

Because of all of us!

Stubbornly through great sacrifices,

resilient and enduring,

we are simply not letting the disease

exponentially grow around us.

You see…

Besides Your and our Sacrifices,

as importantly…

Some of us do miracles by the minute,

Some of us are fearless warriors,

relentlessly attacking head-on

an insidious enemy.

Our unsung HEROES,

We Honor and Salute You,

We are forever Grateful,

We are forever Humbled,

We are forever Inspired

by You!

You are all,

EVERYWHERE you need to be,

ANYWHERE you are required to be,

FOR AS LONG AS is needed to be,

You are always WHERE you must be.

Laboring through the day,

Laboring through the night,

We all depend on you,

and do so with our eyes closed,

trusting without restrain and blind faith.

Incessantly putting yourselves in harm’s way,

sacrificing it all for the common good,

you lose some but save many and much more.

You also light and lead the way for us all,

through this biological storm,

for our indomitable herd to conquer the disease,

stopping nature right on its tracks.

You Bring Grandma Back to Life,

You Preserve Grandpa for us to enjoy,

You Rescue and Save:

our Moms and Dads,

our Sons and Daughters,

our Aunties and Uncles,

Our Nieces and Nephews,

Cousins, Friends, and Neighbors;

You Gift us back Anyone and Everyone

from the Jaws of Death.

As we Fight and Fight,

Toil and Toil,

pushing back,

laboring without respite to defeat the virus,

not letting it grow;

We defend the Human Race

with a single goal in mind,

To Never Ever,

Never, Ever Ever,


on this precious Life we all enjoy.

It silently spreads…

trying to undermine our Society,

But it won’t win!

It has to knock us down first,

but that can’t happen;

It is not even an option,

simply because

We won’t let it happen,

We won’t let it be!

This abominable infection

is in actuality

an existential opportunity,


We Love and Care,

We are Gentle and Kind,

We Feel and Share,

We Give Without Asking,

We enjoy each other’s company like never before,

We communicate and Play better than ever before,

And suddenly,

We are infinitely more appreciative

of Everyone and Everything around us.


We learn and then some

about ourselves and each other,

especially about:




The Importance of the Small Details in Life

and How to Wake-Up from the “Haze” and “Spoils”

of a “Convenient” and “Comfortable” World,

conquering “Routine,” “Boredom” and “Lack of Purpose,”

once for all.

We also make-up for “Lost Time”

and “Time Apart,”

learn how to use it better

and finally, understand

what “Saving for a Rainy Day” means.

Through it all,













Retry, Retry and Retry,

Refine and Reimagine;

in other words,

We acquire the Gift

of Restarting Life all over again.

We are all on this together,

We are going to make it through,

Together, As Ever, as One.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith II

June 2020.

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