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Resilience lies at the core,

at the very essence of the human spirit.

it is a vital and virtuous existential condition,

comprised of sheer character strength

and awesome, utter willfulness.

Resilience is the untamable drive,

burning fire,

unflinching defiance,

relentless resistance,

fearless courage,

stubborn perseverance,

unwavering belief

and unstoppable hunger,

required to live with the intensity,

passion and endurance,

needed to succeed at any endeavor.

The resilient person,

tries again,

never stops,

does not give in to exhaustion,

bounces back,

moves forward,

does not dwell on the past,

adapts in an instant,

perennially studies, learns

and ignores rejection.

The resilient person,

uses fear as a strength

and does not comprehend the words



lingering grudges,

or jealousy.

The resilient person,

endures hardship,

overcomes tragedy,

learns from criticism,

treats failure as an opportunity,

mistakes as lessons,

defeats as temporary,

uses “no’s” as incentives,

and never, ever quits

much less surrenders.

Resilience is that quasi “super-human force”

that allows us

to embark on challenging and demanding quests,

with strength and self-confidence.

To endure right up to completion,

despite seemingly insurmountable

challenges, setbacks and difficulties.

To dare life

defying all odds,

with the absolute conviction and self-belief,

that no matter who or what;

how, when or where

we will in the end, succeed.



June 2020.

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