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"Hope" by erasmus cromwell-smith


When things couldn’t be worse or direr.

When all our strengths and fortitudes are gone,

Hope is what always pulls us through.

Hope is how we outlast adversity

and overcome every and any obstacle.

Hope is the life vest of our spirit and soul.

Hope is always our passport to freedom

from the shackles of our mind

and the chains of hardship.

When there is hope, we are not afraid of being afraid

and there is simply, no fear of fear itself.

Hope is always our safe-conduct

to the land of endurance and resilience.

Hope is always the seed of courage and valor,

Hope is one of the most powerful tools

to survive and make it through the “game of life.”

Hope is that calming and steady inner power

that dotes on us bountiful confidence and steely resolve.

When there is hope we are always ready

to restart,









and remake it all, over and over again.

When we hope we are never willing to give up.

Hope in life and things,

hope in oneself and others,

cures blindness and deafness in our soul and spirit,

filling life with shining lights,

whispering tunes and melodies

on seemingly non-existing paths and non-existing doors.

Hope is our secret elixir for a life with purpose.

Hope is “the well of wills” where we draw from,

to find meaning while we are alive.

While we hope,

we always stay true to ourselves

and remain authentic.

Hope makes us feel invincible

against the most devastating weather systems,

Hope allows us to face the eye of any storm

without blinking.

Hope equips us with stealth armor

underneath soft gentle silk.

Hope enables us to always get back up

and to never, ever, stay down.

We hope when we stubbornly believe

we can make our future better,

and not only we know what we hope for,

but also, to a degree how we can do so.


We hope when our determination is more powerful

than any circumstance or anyone we may be facing

or any place in life’s journey we may be at.

Hope feels great deep inside our core,

that is why it easily spreads to others.

When we hope, we deliberately chose

to adopt a positive, resolute behavior.

That is why,

Hope is most enduring when along the way,

we knock out all our emotional roadblocks

from its path.

Hope is far stronger

when we hope

not only for our wellbeing,

but also, for our loved ones.

When we hope, we stubbornly believe

there is always a solution

and a way in or out of everything.

When we hope against the tides

in spite of what oppresses and wounds us,

And when we hope with the belief

that the sacred and spiritual

far transcend the mundane,

Then, hope becomes a shield

against failure, quitting or surrender,

Then, hope is an existential weapon

against pessimism or defeat.

Hope is a virtuous, elevated state of life

that exalts our human condition

and strengthens our character.

Hope’s main virtue

is that makes us perennially resilient.

Hope’s most powerful ammunition is courage and guts.

Hope is what builds and defines us as “life warriors”

ready to overcome and endure.

Hope is the ultimate exercise there is in self-determination

And when there is no other left,

it is the last liberty standing,

enabling us to choose,

regardless of anything or anyone,

for a better future, ahead of us.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

September, 2020

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