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Magic In Life

“Magic in Life”

What is it?

Is it just light that filters and flows through everything?

or colors and tones that paint it all?

or the forces of nature, sometimes sleeping giants, 

some others, roaring thunder.

And where is it?

Is it in the overwhelming scenery of the high mountains?

In the translucent green of the tropical seas?

Or in the serene beauty of flowers?

Is it on the sun exploding in thousands of red colors? 

as it sets on the horizon?

Or on the moon shining through the night sky 

in endless shades of white?

Is it just to gaze at the innocent smile of a child?

or the little doggie wagging his tail?

or the loving eyes of a mother?

or into the countless stories and wisdom of grandma?

or is it about the family sitting at the table,

laughing, arguing, and sharing after a meal?

Or is it just being here…?

And, where does it lie?

Is it only in simple things?

or does it lie in kindness?

Does it lie in passion, happiness, or equilibrium?

Is it in the exhilarating high of winning?

Or in the deflating low of losing?

Is it in the passionate enjoyment of competitive sports?

or in the quiet solitude of extraordinary individual efforts?

Is it in the majestic flight of an eagle?

or the indestructible frame of an elephant?

or the outer space sounds of a whale?

or the deadly jaws of a croc?

Is it in the endless beauty of a piece of art?

or in the dazzling fantasy of a great movie?

Is it in the guilty pleasure of a magnificent meal?

or in the feast to the senses of a timeless tune?

Is it within the Silence and Peace? 

of contemplation and meditation?

or in the never-ending enrichment 

of spirit and soul, through faith?

or is it in our ability to distort mundane reality?

Is it in the world of dreams, fantasies, and imagination?

of those who dare and risk to?

or in the world of creators, inventors and tinkerers

that turn them into art, products, and crafts?

How about in the contagious ingenuity of endless hope?

Or in the disarming innocence of unstoppable enthusiasm?

or passing moments of true genuine happiness

when the trumpets of Heaven play our “Echoes of Life”,

or is it in the atonement of our faults and errors

through the power of forgiveness and humility?

Or is it simply in the smile of who wakes up

every day, happy and thankful to be alive?

Or is it in the all-embracing clash 

between endless passion and flesh?

or is it simply when you are truly in love

and your heart does not belong to you.

Where is it then?

this enchanted life God has given us.

What is it?

this magic spell that gives us the privilege of being alive.

The answer is in all of the above,

and much, much more.

Because there is never-ending and endless joy,

every second we are alive!

The answer lies within us and it is self-evident,

The Magic in life is everywhere!

and in everything around us!

And in order to capture it

You only have to LOVE LIFE!

as it has been given to you.

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