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Optimism is a deliberate attitude
where we chose to contemplate life and its people,
through their best lights, colors, and mantels.

It is a predisposition to look, search and find,
the better angle and perspective,
on everything and everyone.

It is a natural inclination to visualize,
what is the best,
a person or a circumstance has to offer.
It is that unquenchable certainty,
that there always is,
a shinier side and a brighter spot to be found.

It is that steadfast and indomitable self-confidence,
that there always is,
a better outcome possible,
in-store waiting for us.

Optimism also is,
that gentle, benign, immutable self-belief
there is goodness on the other side of evil,
strength in the other face of weakness,
virtue behind every flaw,
opportunity when apparently there is none,
incandescence in obscurity
and luminescence in darkness.

Those possessed with optimism
live in another world, live an alternate life,
and contemplate it all
with a permanent twinkle in their eyes.

Optimists are always
cheerful, self-motivated, fiercely determined
and seemingly possessed with a secret elixir
that allows them to erase and wipe out,
pessimism, prejudice, negativism, and grudges,
from their lives.

Optimism always obliterates,
“the loser before the start” syndrome, from all of us.

With optimism, we see past or right through
everything and everyone.

Civilization has been built out of optimism,
progress is driven by optimism,
every single human invention, creation or advancement,
has taken place through
the candor, the innocence, and ingenuity of optimists.
And not a single transcendental milestone
in the human race,
will ever be reached, done or achieved,
without the unstoppable drive of optimism.

True, legitimate a genuine optimism
always marches forward
cannot be deterred, deviated, or turned back.
Optimism is utterly oblivious
to criticism, rejection, doubt, or skepticism.

Authentic optimism is also malleable,
that is why,
the tougher the goals, obstacles or challenges,
the bigger genuine optimism becomes.
Those bitten by the bug of optimism,
have “good blinders on”
making them immune to the contrarians and nay Sayers.

In their own way
optimists intentionally “distort reality,”
until the alternate version of it,
becomes the new reality.

They enhance whatever is available to them,
through a perennially benevolent and candid vision,
of what could, would, might and inexorably,
under such a state and condition,
will be.

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