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To be inspired is to be continuously and blissfully happy,

to inhale profoundly and feel really, really good inside

as we sigh in joy to the sweet taste

of purely and simply being alive.

Living an inspired life is a gift,

a magic incantation that makes us life sorcerers,

the kind that asks for nothing,

but dispense wizardry back in spades.

Behind an inspired person,

there is always that someone or something

that starts it all

and that we connect so profoundly with.

Around an inspired person,

there is always

a powerful halo of positive energy,

a magnetic field that not only draws from our best talents,

but also attracts endless virtuous circles.

When we are inspired,

we are dressed in a mantle of immutability,

a permanent twinkle in our smile

and eyes filled with the peace and calmness of a full life.

When we are inspired,

we contemplate life

through a magic magnifying glass as a rosy picture

even in the most trying circumstances.

That is why to be inspired requires

a great deal of ingenuity and naivete.

When we are inspired,

all our best endowments are always on call,

ifs, buts, or cants are not in the picture

and there are no limits, boundaries or periscopes

but broad and open horizons

for countless moonshots ahead of us.

For an inspired person,

anything and everything is possible

as endless opportunities lie in waiting

to be tapped, discovered, and made.

It is a chance,

an unsculpted rock,

an uncrafted melody,

an unwritten verse,

an intimate

and unpainted masterpiece,

yet to be born.

To live an inspired life

is to be in a state of readiness

to capture the best life has to offer,

to squeeze the most out of our journey.

It is when life as a whole is fertile ground

for our dreams, fantasies, and imagination

and with all our suitable antennas up,

we acquire a noble altered state,

hypersensitive to anything worth pursuing.

When we are inspired,

there is no burden, drag, or heaviness,

and everything becomes light, bright, and inviting.

Everything feels effortless.

Will moves mountains,

inspiration while doing so,

recreates them.

That’s why inspiration renders will ordinary,

supersedes passion and conviction

reducing self-confidence to a simple tool.

Sometimes inspiration hits us like a thunderbolt,

Some others it’s merely a state,

a condition of sublime desire.

Sometimes to be inspired

is to be moved by Heaven and driven by Angels,

Some others it’s to be provoked by the soul

and sparkled by the spirit,

but inspiration is always tuned and honed by our hearts.

When we are inspired,

we invent,















try and try and try,

give back,



and as a consequence

we live in full.

Inspiration is the stuff of wizards,

life wizards that float through it.

To be inspired,

to live an inspired life

and to be an inspired person

makes us continuously and blissfully happy,

A kind of happiness where we are permanently grateful to life,

A kind of happiness where we continually give back,

A kind of “inspired happiness” that never goes away.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith II

Aug. 2020.

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