Erasmus Cromwell-Smith


If you want to live a blissful life,

pay attention to “the little details”

both on the receiving and giving ends of it.

But not the kind where “the devil is in the…”

as those are easy and hidden in plain sight

and are usually expected rules, norms or stipulations,

we either follow, ignore, break or circumvent.

So, they are narrow in human nature

and binary in their scope,

as they simply bite you or they don’t.

No to live a life in bliss

you have to pay attention

to a different kind of little details,

those that are gestures of love,

those that come straight from the heart.

They are usually spontaneous and unexpected,

often hold very little or no material value,

but always provide immense bliss and joy,

the kind when it is hard to breathe

in the throats of both the dispenser and the recipient

as emotions bundle up in a knot.

These types of little details require genial creativity,

but that becomes easy when propelled

by overwhelming empathy and caring for others.

When we receive these little details,

they hold their biggest value,

when we are richer, in health

and things are better, well and good,

yet we are still humble enough to pay attention,

to appreciate and value

how much we are loved by others.

When we give, the little details have their greatest worth,

When we are poorer, in sickness,

things are at their worst, not good or simply bad,

and we still have the heart and the desire to give to others

for whom we care about.

It is on those extremes,

valuing what we are offered when we don’t need it,

or caring about giving the little we have left,

when small details in life matter the most,

become unforgettable, never leave

and stay with us forever.

Life is bliss when caught by surprise,

overcome by emotion

we hide our face behind the palms of our hands,

or when we find that loving note in our pocket

or leave that flower on her pillow,

or in those tiny precious gestures

that mom, dad, granny, and grandpa never forget.

Those little things that never fail to be there,

that supportive hug or kiss,

that reassuring or uplifting smile,

that contagious laughter,

those calming, maybe loving,

perhaps tender and grateful eyes,

any or all of these little things that make us react in bliss:

What a gesture, they love me, oh my, I love her, him,

them, you with all my heart.

So, if you want to live life in bliss,

pay close attention to the small details in life,

those that come straight from the heart,

those that are spontaneous gestures of love,

those that are just little things,

those that we offer and receive with absolute joy,

those that we never forget for the rest of our lives.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith.

July 2020.

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