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Life Wizards

If you want to find where our life wizards lie,

pay attention to those that have lived long

and still possess candid and innocent hearts.

Their spirits are genuine, playful, and childlike,

their souls are gentle,

soaked in goodness and good faith,

their intent is always noble and transparent;

There is not an iota

of malice or premeditation to be found in them.

Their personalities are made out of extraordinary attitudes

like spontaneity, ingenuity, inspiration,

enthusiasm, optimism,

and most of all,

love of life and people.

These kind of life wizards laugh plenty and often loud.

They smile at everyone and everything,

whether silly or profound, or simply for no reason at all.

They are also giving and doting,

with boundless patience and tolerance.

They are always ready

to serve, help, assist, educate, and rescue.

They are forever at the service of others.

They are humble and wise, as well.

This allows them not to take

anything or anyone too seriously,

always looking for the brighter side

of people and things.

Fittingly, these whimsical and scintillating individuals

are not at all self-conscious about who they are.

Hence, our life’s wizards are always defined by others

that spot and recognize them throughout their lives.

They are also dependable and reliable,

thus, they are the ones we seek to lean on,

providing us with safe harbor,

in the direst of circumstances.

These life sorcerers inhabit a land

where every moment and every person

is precious and irreplaceable.

Their reactions are measured,

always assuming good faith,

allowing the benefit of the doubt first.

Their benevolent, perennial sunny disposition

usually originates out of their strength of character,

the richness of their virtues and heart.

They also possess a flawless, self-regulating “life compass”

allowing them to exercise impeccable judgment

causing noble reactions

regardless of situation or individuals.

These exceptional fellow life travelers

elevate themselves above the mundane, effortlessly.

Above all, their attitude towards life

shows us that no matter how long we have lived,

there are those that somehow

manage to filter and block out,

the poisons of the spirit, soul, and heart,

we encounter along the paths of life.

Life wizards are easy to identify

but difficult to value or live with for very long

as they inadvertently may make us feel inadequate.

That is precisely our challenge

-how to learn from and emulate these life sorcerers-

when their intense inner lights

may make ours seem opaque and dark.

So, pay attention to these champions of life

that know how to keep everything in balance

and find everyone and everything priceless.

Pay attention and take advantage

of these exceptional fellow life companions

— life wizards —

as they possess the magic formula

of how to live a happy life

while preserving a candid and innocent heart,

for those old souls

are not frequently found.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith,

October 2020.

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