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Self-Reliance is the action and life of self-assertiveness.

It is being accountable first and foremost to oneself.

Is the realization that I can rely on myself

before anyone or anything,

and but for reasons,

of love, generosity, a moral imperative

or a combination of any of them,

I can put others before or ahead of me

in the endeavors of my life;

when it comes to dependence though,

I depend on no one, but myself. 

I depend on myself first before I depend on others

as I shall never expect, count or rely

on others to act on my behalf

or even do for me,

What I am supposed to do,

What only I can do,

What only I should do,

by myself.

Also, I rely on myself and what I believe in,

irrespective and above what others believe.

As I rely first on myself,

I am immune to the opinions

and influence of others.

I rely on myself despite what society thinks.

I rely on my instincts and my gut,

not instead,

but before any norm, rule or law.

As I rely on myself, I break away,

inoculate against or do not fall

into the chains of conformism, indoctrination,

annihilation or disappearance of myself.

I rely on myself as it is the only way I can establish

my individuality, my character, my personality,

in other words my identity.

I rely on myself first

because is the foundation of my independence

and the seed of my sense of self-worth, self-respect and dignity.

If I can govern myself without the belief,

without the help or influence of anyone,

then I have acquired all of the above.

I will rely on myself first

if I think, feel and act

with integrity, without impulsiveness

and according to my spiritual, moral-ethical and family values.

I rely on myself first because I trust myself,

and, as a result, believe in and have the self-confidence

to face life as myself and not as someone else,

with all my capacities, talents and true to my identity.

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