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There is no worst decision

than the one we never make,

which is not to be confused

with deciding to do nothing

or take no action

as those are still decisions

we would have made.

Why is it?

That, there are so many of us

that are simply

so utterly indecisive,

unable to take decisions

regarding our current lives

or our future.

Decisions to ponder, wander or wonder.

Decisions to nail, or blunder,

contest or tender,

waste or reap,

reach or press,

accept or reject,

rejoice or despise,

elevate or bury,

doubt or believe in,

pursue or avoid,

reverse or affirm,

lament or relish,

reluctantly take

or passionately embrace.

Decisions, decisions, decisions to make

about which paths to follow,

the alternatives we choose

or the course of action to pick.

Being decisive is hard and difficult

as it requires us to conquer

our worst insecurities and fears.

Decisiveness is a consequence

of resoluteness and determination

to bring matters to a conclusion,

one way or another.

Being decisional is the result or our readiness

to form actionable options

and to act on them,

through the selection

of the available choices we have.

Decisions always reap guidance.

Through decisions

is how the dynamics of life take place,

it is how everyone and everything,

for better or worse,

forwards or backwards,

moves and responds

in the circle of life.

In this context,

to decide is not a choice,

but an existential duty,

as without it,

we fall into a catatonic void

and our life takes place without us,

passing us by.

Decisions, decisions, decisions to make.

Decisions that overwhelm and suck the air out of us.

Decisions to take that keep coming

and never go away.

To be alive involves decisionism,

it is an imperative!

There is no way around it.

Thus, when a choice presents itself,

to form an opinion,

make a choice

or choose a path to act and follow,

take the decision

move on and continue.

Decisions are imminent choices,

we permanently must face,

as long as we are participants

in the circle of life.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

October 2020.

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