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Clarity in Life

Those that regret in never ending fashion,

those that drown in their sorrows

seemingly forever,

lack clarity in life.

Craving for an alternative reality

of “what ifs” what could have or should have been

is a fruitless search,

for a time machine,

an alternative reality or dimension

that simply do not exist.

Lamenting past events, difficulties, even tragedies

on endless loops of pain,

leaves us stuck, infinitely gasping for air.

Regrets and sorrows are fueled and driven

by deeply ingrained insecurities, fear and guilt;

All of them working as magnifying glasses

distorting and exaggerating true pain and real losses.

Regrets and sorrows take us to places

where we end up with those we don’t like or love,

doing what we don’t want,

longing for people, things

we no longer have or never did,

or simply are not present any longer.

Material wealth allows freedom from poverty

but it is not a substitute for fear, guilt,

shortcomings, false aspirations

or the void of emptiness of spirit and soul.

Riches are not only existentially worthless

misleading us into a false sense of security;

they are also another murky, existential source, 

forming future states of loneliness, regret and sorrow.

We achieve clarity in life,

when we have a clear purpose,

constantly focusing on our search for meaning.

We achieve clarity in life,

when we are fully aware

of our strengths and weaknesses,

when we constantly and relentlessly,

seek to build a wholesome set of virtues,

and we are fully aware of those virtues

which we have already acquired,

then strive to put them into action.

We achieve clarity in life

when we conduct ourselves with responsibility,

while exercising judicious discipline.

We achieve clarity in life

when we invariably seek, accept,

defend and protect the truth.

When we achieve clarity in life,

we are graced with redemption to our fallings,

through the power of our faith and beliefs,

under the mantle of trust.

We achieve clarity in life when we understand

that we can always reinvent ourselves;

moving forward without breaking our core,

following our convictions with unyielding fashion

and treasuring true love,

using it as our source of happiness and inspiration.

Clarity in life inexorably leads

to accomplishment and self-confidence,

which in turn lead us to virtuous circles,

where regrets and sorrows have no place to be,

nor any air to breathe.

Clarity in life opens life for us,

expanding our horizons,

leaving no sky limits before us,

just the living-universe and its endless firmament

for us to experience, enjoy and appreciate.

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