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Doubt without Trust, Method or Purpose

set us up for recurring anxiety and pain,

unfortunately in vain,

as all of it will go to waste,

when inexorably, we fail.

On these type of vacillations,

when in doubt, we are hiding something,

and doubts are just false shields and excuses

for the real roots and genesis of our behavior;

namely, weakness of character, lack of knowledge,

shortcomings of ability or talent,

lack of preparation or planning,

among others.

This type of indecisiveness,

seeks to justify mediocrity and incompetence,

through blaming or suspicions of others,

when in all likelihood, all that is wrong,

lies only within ourselves.

These type of hesitations, 

are like deadly poison,

inevitably steering us into inaction and paralyzing fear.

We are increasingly overwhelmed

by uncertainty, skepticism, apprehension,

and a nagging lack of confidence

that inexorably leads to errors in judgment.

This is the main reason why doubts

are often the telltale signs of failure.

The antidotes to doubting

are Trust, Method or Purpose.

When in doubt,

and we apply Trust,

we resolve it

by giving the benefit of the doubt

to the person or situation.

We apply Method,

when we are objectively uncertain

and our inclination not to believe,

can be overruled by the observation of facts,


when we are doubtful about our beliefs or opinions;

we can overcome them by realizing and curing

our incomplete knowledge or lack of evidence.

When we apply Purpose,

we are on an emotional overload,

-under siege-

with avalanches of indecision;

On those circumstances.

we dissolve and break through uncertainty,


as we discard the waste,

we make sure

to keep our end game in sight;

Or in case we realize

we don’t have such,

we eagerly develop one,

as Purpose is the ultimate doubt breaker.

In the final analysis,

a healthy dose of doubt

is an essential component of a wholesome life.

Our challenge, in order to embrace indecision,

is to always apply

Trust, Method or Purpose,

As the ultimate doubt breakers.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith,

November 2020.

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  1. Mytika

    Excellent poem! Love it!” Trust, Method or Purpose”great advice.