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Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith is an American writer, playwright, poet and pedagogue. The Equilibrist series was crafted through an intense, intimate, introspective dive into the author’s wisdom and life experiences.

As Erasmus Cromwell-Smith II | In English

The Equilibrist Series

The Happiness Triangle

The Happiness Triangle (Volume 1)


Geniality (Volume 2)

Magic in life

The Magic in Life (Volume 3)

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Poetry in Equilibrium (Volume 4)

The Orloj Series

The Orloj of Prague (Single)

The Orloj of Prague (Volume 1)

The Orloj of Venice (Single)

The Orloj of Venice (Volume 2)

The Orloj of Paris (Single)

The Orloj of Paris (Volume 3)

The Orloj of Paris (Single)

The South Beach Conversational Method

El Método Conversacional South Beach

The South Beach Method For Conversational Spanish

The South Beach Method For Conversational Italian

The South Beach Method For Conversational French

The Nicolas Tosh Series

(*) cowritten with Charles Sibley


Algoritm-323 (Volume 1)

paradise island

Miami Beach, Paradise Island (Volume 1)

Dangerous Liaisons

Miami Beach: Dangerous Liaisons

Rebel Hackers (BOOK Translucent Background)

The Rebel Hackers Of Point Breeze

Como Erasmus Cromwell-Smith II | En Español | La serie del Equilibrista,

El Triangulo de la Felicidad

El triángulo de la felicidad (Volumen 1).

Genialidad | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Genialidad (Volumen 2)

el magia

La magia de la vida (Volumen 3)

Spanish mockup

Poesía en equilibrio (Volumen 4)

La Serie Del Orloj

El Orloj de Prague (Single)

El Orloj de Praga (Volumen 1).

The Orloj of Venice (Single)

El Orloj de Venecia (Volumen 2)

El Orloj de Paris (Single) (1)

El Orloj de Paris (Volumen 3).