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The Gift Of Life Erasmus Cromwell Smith

The Gift of Life

When you hear the whispers of sorrow,

counter them with dreams of tomorrow.

When you feel the trappings of failure,

fight them with the thrills & excitement of being alive.

When you feel emptiness & solitude,

dissolve them with your heart and faith.

When you find yourself in the jaws of defeat,

push it back with conviction & grit.

When you feel zapped and exhausted,

tumble it by recharging and recovering with zeal.

When you feel consumed by poisonous anger,

dissipate it with grace and forgiveness.

When you feel trapped and without options

in life’s endless labyrinths,

conquer it by turning around and around,

looking and searching,

but never, ever, giving up,

until you find the way.

And when you have defied life in such ways,

always remember that such feats,

are always,

What is expected of you,

What is required of you,

Since you were given “the gift of life

By God.

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