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Life is a tightly wound chain of occurrences,

a maddening scramble,

we cannot govern nor control.

Out future is being formed

every millisecond.

It is an infinite,

never ending, dynamic

& totally random string

of connected events.

All of these intersecting circumstances,

elate, influence, interact and intertwine.

Each and every event in life

is a wonderful and complex random accident

encompassing the finite, the urgency

and the uncertainty of our future.

We are engaged in this ongoing miracle,

every moment of our existence.

In the end destiny it’s nothing

but a complex,


unpredictable mishap.

Life is nature’s complicated interaction

of events, human acts and behavior,

as well as everything derived out of

the human race creativity,

all under the mantel of existence.

We have very little control over our destiny,

but if circumstances allow it,

with lots of faith and willingness,

we can reap from it,

immense happiness, goodwill and joy.

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