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a LABOR of love

A LABOR of Love

What a tough job to have to navigate

through the darkest corners

of the minds of others,

rather than your own.

Those paths where the ground is shaky,

where the foundation have cracks,

where the earth moves,

where some of the tracks of life

are blurry, without enough light,

and there is no sense of wellbeing or happiness.

But perhaps there is no tougher job

than that of dealing with minds

that not only lack meaning and purpose in life,

but are also potentially or inherently

wicked, devious, reckless, delusional

or simply love themselves so much

that there is no room to care for anyone else.

Hence, it is only because of this awesome labor

of deeply rooted vocational love

for the wellbeing of others,

that such worthy endeavor

makes that big a difference

in the lives of many.

The type of non-stop steady effort

that addresses every obstacle and every crisis

or extreme situation

with resolve and genial creativity,

the kind that connects with each individual

and makes them feel and believe

they are unique, respected and worthy,

but above all,

“able to” grow, overcome and have a future,

as long as they are willing to shape-up, do the work

and perform at high standards.

What a tough job doing good,

by improving the mindset of others in need,

what an impossible job to perform

for those in need of redemption,

those in need of a second act in life,

those that very few support or believe in.

What a tough job,

What an impactful task,

What a wonderful labor of love,

that’s what you’ll do,

that’s what you will be leaving in your wake,

that’s what you would have done!

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