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The Past And The Future

The Past and The Future

Conventional wisdom is such,

that when you do the wrong thing,

eventually, the past catches up with you

and holds you accountable.

But, there is also

the unspoken truth that,

when we fail to do in the present

what we are supposed to,

when we do not harness the power of now,

we are just postponing Life itself,

and the future will eventually

catch up to us, as well.

And we may not like it,

as it does not belong to us,

because we did not build or created it.

Bottom line, we won’t own it. It will own us.

So, we should ask ourselves,

are we postponing Life?

Do we keep moving forward?

The future is coming!

It is just around the corner

and when it finally arrives

we may not like it!

Until we start building our future

one day at a time


Then we will own it,

and only then,

the future will be ours.

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