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If I could Only Find You Out There a

If I Could Only Find You Out There

If I could touch the stars

with my heart,

the night darkness would turn into

reds of roses and reds of fire.

If I could reach the sky

with my dreams,

the colors and tones of daylight

would turn into

inspired whites and passionate blues.

If I could morph into words,

those life moments that touch the soul,

they would turn into

endless hues and shades of wisdom.

If I could simply be art,

the kind that brings

joy to the spirit,

it would turn into

greens of plenitude and yellows of Life.

If I could fly to the moon

and gaze back

at planet earth,

it would glow like a magnificent rainbow

turning into

every color that there could ever be.

But if I could only find you,


out there in the Universe,

my dreams and passions,

my spirit and soul,

my Life and my heart,

and the totality of my world,

would all,

turn into you.

If I could only find you out there,

somewhere in the Universe.

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