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Of Familiy True Friendship And Love

Of Family, True Friendship and Love

In all matters of family, true friendship, and love,

reside all those that are dearest and nearest to us,

as well as

the bonds that hold it all together.

The tight closeness and indivisible unity

of these three existential bonds

is one of the most important sources

of strength and happiness in our lives.

We can never be careful enough, though,

for once, the closeness and tightness

of these bonds,

is lost,

it is extremely trying

to recover them.

That is why

we always defend and protect our walls of intimacy.

Closeness and tightness are not immanent,

they have to be earned

through daily work and sacrifices

that we pour into

our family, true friends, and loved ones.

The source of the power and strength of these bonds,

originates out of sticking together as a whole,

irrespective of anything or anyone.

Happiness and joy ensue,

from the intimacy and closeness

of living in full,

along with those we love or are close to us.

All of our actions,

regarding our family, true friendship, and loved ones

are driven by acts of conscience,

where first we are accountable to ourselves,

and act driven by it,

not because we are conditioned or limited

by what those closest to us do, say, or think.


the boundaries between,

what we must do,

what is expected of us,

and vice versa,

in matters of the heart, friendship, and family,

are at best tenuous,

more than likely

moving targets

or even shifting sands.

Unless we are willing and able

to formulate and enunciate a declaration,

a manifesto that dresses us

with a sacred mantle

comprised of these precious existential bonds,

while at the same time casting in stone

with sufficient clarity,

what is it exactly we pursue and aspire to?

It reads as follows:


We love unlimitedly with all our hearts,

are fiercely and infinitely loyal,

always pursue and preserve unity,

conduct ourselves with impeccable dignity,

defend and maintain the integrity of our honor,

incessantly and humbly pray in the practice of our faith,

treasure each and every precious memory and moment,

never surrender the power of hope,

never, ever leave unfinished business,

neither quit,

jump ship,


run away,



brake ranks

or voluntarily leave anyone behind.

To preserve one another

we are ready and will walk into fire.

And if we fail, we fail together,

but always rebound and get back-up,

again and again,

again and again.


As life’s paths and careers brew

unfolding into tangible efforts of personal growth,

deliberate undertakings

or simply, projects underway;

We nurture,

prepare, support, exalt,

motivate, believe in,

assist, lift, cheer,

set, guide, tender,

advice, steer,

stick with, cling,

inspire, role model, praise,

teach with endless patience,

and are always there,

available at any time as needed.

In other circumstances,

when we are required to intervene

we get involved swiftly and decisively;

We confront, level with,

admonish, claim to,

protest to, complain to,

refute, dissent from,

contradict, oppose,

prevent, save,

avoid, change directions from,

rectify, listen well

and when within our grasp, forbid outright.

On other occasions,

when we are tested inside out,

our virtues and values,

especially our integrity and capacity to give,

are challenged to extremes;

Those moments,

We hoist up the shiny flag of truth,

have above all, boundless patience,

are always ready to respond,

have sound tolerance for,

offer generous wisdom to,

behave with compassion for,

act with composure and moderation for,

are prepared to give and share what we have,

dependably fulfilling all our promises and commitments,

always respecting and valuing others.

When we err or make mistakes;

We are contrite,

make amends, repent,

seek atonement for,

are always ready to forgive

and be forgiven.

Etiquette, decorum, and true respect

are not only expected

but also required from all of us, therefore,

we never,

yell, curse, shout,

scream, humiliate,

insult, derogate,

hurt, sink,

diminish, seek revenge,

judge or criticize others.

We seek to be a role model

by being perennially humble.


We pursue

frugality, modesty,

discretion and moderation.

Breeding new generations is part of our duties,


We always provide and train,

teach, hold accountable,

inculcate, assign responsibility

and invest in one another.

But above all,

we never lose perspective

about the simple things in life.

Sweet or painful, we always tell the truth.

We laugh, enjoy, smile, have fun,

rejoice and share happiness.

Together we acclaim, celebrate, and enjoy

a life of Family, True Friendship, and Love.

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