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There Is a Life to Be Lived Out There

Is there anything, anything?

That we seek,

but never reach?

Is there someone, yes, that someone

that we wait for,

but never find?

Is there someone, anyone

that we don’t need,

but never leave?

Is there a place, yes, that place

that we miss,

but never seek?

Is there a moment

that we want back,

but is gone forever?

Is there something, yes, something,

that we lost,

but never search for?

Are there many, yes, many things

that we have to learn,

but never do?

Are there a few words, yes, those words,

that we could or should have said,

but never did.

Is there a person

that brings us joy and happiness,

but we don’t appreciate it?

Is there a moment in time

that we regret

but it’s too late?

Is there a friend or loved one,

that gives us so much,

without asking anything in return,

but we don’t value enough?

Is there a time, a moment, and a place,

where we must stop and pause,

but we don’t?

Is there a secret, yes, that secret,

that we must have known or perhaps shared,

but never did?

Is there a past? Yes, that past

that eventually will catch up with us,

but never made amends to prevent it?

Is there a wait, a long wait,

that we endured to no avail,

and quit when it reoccurred?

Are there family and friends? Yes, family and friends,

to be loved and cherished,

but we fall short?

Is there that little, tiny, teeny detail

that we should have given

but didn’t?

Is there that true Love? Yes, that Love

waiting for us,

but we never go for it?

Is there a God

to fear, believe, and get close to,

but we fail to do so?

Is there happiness

to be found and enjoyed everywhere,

but we don’t seem to find it?

Is there inspiration

in many simple and essential things

and yet,

we aren’t able to notice them?

Is there compassion,

to gracefully dote on,

but we can’t feel it?

Is there forgiveness,

to be dispensed,

but we don’t act on it?

Is there hope,

for a better life and circumstances,

but we abandon it?

Is there much to be provided,

but we fail to do so?

Is there a lot needed by others,

yes, needed by others,

but we fail to recognize it?

Is there a future not to be postponed,

is there a world, our world,

to be seized, to be squeezed, to be lived,

with spirit and desire?

Is there a life,

without “ifs” or “buts”

without negative, regretful, or lingering grudges?

A world to give, to receive, and enjoy

a life, our Life,

the only one we’ve got,

the only one we will ever have.

Yes, there is!

Ready to be lived,

waiting for all of us,

and it’s happening right now.

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