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Love's Rabbit Hole

Love’s Rabbit Hole

How do you know when Love is knocking at your door?

How do you know when it has arrived?

And its music, the music of angels,

is out there waiting for you.

How do you know that whoever has reached you

is that travel mate

you’ve been wishing for,

all along.

And how do you know

if it’s the right time,

there and then,

to come out of your shell

knocking down all your protective shields.

You know it,

when that someone unexpectedly

irrupts into your Life’s journey

and simply takes your breath away.

You know it because

when you can finally catch your breath,

all you inhale feels at that moment,

like there is nothing else you would like to be doing

nor is there anyone else in the world

you would like to be with,

than your rabbit.

You know it because

the world around you disappears

and you willingly fall through the most “scintillatious”

rabbit hole you’ll ever find.

You know it when out of the blue,

the object of your desire

can’t do or say anything wrong,

and all you see is perfection

through benevolent magnifying glasses

made out of boundless candor, ingenuity, and romance.

You know it, when from the get-go,

you feel comfortable, confident, and light on your feet

and Life becomes a journey of two,

impregnated with magic, happiness, passion, and joy.

You know it because

you become possessed with this inexplicable certainty

that you are safe, protected, and never alone.

You know it when you see yourself visualizing

your Life, your future, your family and your children,

only with your other half.

And you know it, because,

Love’s Rabbit Hole is one

which you’ll never want to climb out from.

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