The Secret Lies In Two Opposite Ends Working Together Forever


You like to dance and I don’t.

You are spontaneous and blunt, I am not.

You are loud and noisy I am silence personified.

You are social and friendly I am not very much of either.

You have a short fuse that erupts then fades like a volcano,

my flame burns slowly for a long time.

You like to sleep late I rise early before dawn.

You plan way ahead I do everything at the last minute.

You love to constantly organize everything around you,

I like everything organized most of the time.

You make cleanliness and neatness happen at all times,

I enjoy them both immensely.

You remember certain things well,

I always remember others quite well too.

You read many people with absolute accuracy,

I always read others, but not all that well as you do.

You love a good wine and cheese,

I am still learning to do the same.

You are a great and lightning fast cook,

I have no idea how to cook at all.

You don’t care much for breakfast,

for me it’s the most important meal of the day.

You don’t like ice-cream or chocolates,

I love them both to no end.

You are effusive in celebration,

I am hardly expressive on those occasions.

You play instruments with ease,

I have no clue how to do that either.

You love certain kinds of music with passion,

I love all kinds of music from all over the world.

You aren’t grabby or touchy-feely,

I am all of that, all of the time.

You can be ferociously jealous at times,

for me those are just games people play.

You call everything by its name,

I use terms of endearment for everyone and everything.

You like routines and predictability,

I am exactly the opposite of that.

You don’t l like being naked, nor being barefoot,

I am quite the contrary on those as well.

You like to talk non-stop about anything,

I only do so when I am passionate about something.

You like me to read to you,

I do that with gusto.

You never understand any movie,

but always stay awake throughout.

I always fall asleep but somehow,

still manage to explain them to you afterwards!

You always fall asleep when I drive,

I bring us both to our destination,

talking to myself the entire trip.

You hate to be behind the wheel,

I can drive forever.

You can become grumpy and bored,

those words do not exist in my vocabulary.

You never like what you order at a restaurant,

I always feed you, otherwise you help yourself

to what I’ve ordered.

You are cautious and fearful,

I don’t understand any of those words either.

You are full of laughter,

mine are hard to come by.

You love a good dress and wear it well,

I never pay attention to mine.

We couldn’t be more different about with:

Whom, how, when where and what we work at.

And yet, we couldn’t be more alike in how hard we go at it!

You type superfast,

I hardly do that at all.

Yet, I read superfast

and you don’t.

You hate to carry anything,

I love doing it for you.

You never know where you are,

I am like a human compass.

You never know how to get there,

most times, I don’t need a map.

You don’t know how to strike a bargain,

or negotiate a price,

I love to do both.

You believe many things are impossible,

and you’ve trusted me with that.

You like to sit down, be waitered on

and enjoy a good meal,

I prefer self-service.

You like a good and loud fight,

I am Mr. quiet, anti-noise and anti-fight.

You don’t overlook anything you dislike,

I consciously distort reality.

You stumble and fumble all the time,

I’m not much better at that at all.

You love to browse but hardly ever shop,

I can’t wait to get out.

You are very hard to please

when you want something.

I am always dead-on, with size, type and style

when I do it for you.

Your fears disappear on board and card games,

as you cheat all the time.

While I am naive, clumsy and foolish

and your easy prey on every one of them.

Your fears go out of the window

when it comes to jumping lines,

I am always embarrassed and hesitant,

but obediently follow your lead.

You are a terrible cyclist,

I am a terrific one.

You are a great swimmer,

for me, mediocre when doing that,

would be a superlative.

You like the beach without sand on your feet,

I was raised on the beach

and love as is, wild and dirty.

You like perfectly tranquil and glorious weather,

the tougher and rougher it is, the better for me.

I am overwhelmingly physical,

You are always successful in slowing me down.

You are claustrophobic,

I have motion sickness.

You are afraid of heights,

I prefer rooms with a view from floor to ceiling.

You don’t mind sitting in the middle,

I always sit in front, the aisle or facing the crowd.

You love ballet and the opera,

I love a good philharmonic orchestra and a good library.

We both love museums, just different parts of them.

You like to sit and much,

I can spend hours at a bookstore

or looking at historical pictures.

You curse and use loaded words,

I never do so.

It’s very hard for you to move on or let go,

with me it’s just a flick of a switch away.

You love to run but no longer can,

for me running is a way of life.

You are an inveterate glass-half-empty in life kind of person,

I am an irredeemable glass-half-full in life, type of individual.

The things we agree on,

are easy to spot and write endlessly about.

But, it is on the things where we are not alike,

that healthy tension abounds.

That’s why the secret lies on two opposite ends

working together forever.

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