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Our Children | The Quibbler CPL | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

For Our Children

Let them grow, healthy and strong;

so at the same time

they perceive a world

that is both

challenging and fantastic.

Let them travel

and meet the diversity of people, places and things

while loving all their fellow travelers

and prioritizing those in need.

And let it be that their participation

in everything they start,

embark on or get involved in,

occurs with conviction, dedication and grit.

Let them appreciate and enjoy their parents

and an immensely happy childhood

with boundless and limitless love,

one filled with dreams, innocence

candor and imagination.

And as they mature,

let them envision

everything and everyone around them,

as they really are.

Then, as time passes,

through self-discovery,

let them progressively learn

who they truly are,

just a God brought them to this world.

So whomever they are,

they are happy, comfortable in their own skins.

So whatever they undertake,

they maximize its potential.


from the present onwards

and forever,

they are always their authentic selves.

We’ll teach

to be humble, honest and non-materialistic,

and to attain joy,

for that is what matters,

We’ll offer you infinite love,

as well as,

our passion for knowledge, sports and nature.

We’ll teach you discipline

to ingrain a rock solid work ethic.

We’ll always push, press

and do our best to inspire you;

and will be as demanding as you can bear,

perhaps more.

We’ll make you strong

while teaching you

how to experience life in full,

regardless of the circumstances

so life does not pass you by,

without taking full advantage

of every one of its moments

from beginning to end,

always squeezing the best out of it.

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