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When I Write To You | Erasmus Cromwell Smith

When I Write To You

Through words,

beating like a drum

that cannot be stopped,

heard by all.

Everything I feel turns into magic

when my love writes about us,

all of it,

attributable to you,

without limit nor end.

When my dreams write for you,

time and space stop,

the spirit is enrichened,

the soul smiles in joy.

When my feelings write about you,

my heart is depleted out of words

as they burst out

pouring love into you.

When my joy writes about you,

there is happiness in life,

encased in a crystalline spirit,

and an innocent soul.

In the future,

whenever I write to you,

you will know and feel

that it’ll always be,

the best, most profound offering

that I can ever give to you.

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