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life Virtous circle | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Life Endless Virtuous Circles

As the sun sets

and life ends,

the horizon explodes in thousands of colors.

Yellows, oranges and red flames

light the sky,

symbolizing the celebration

of a day coming to an end.

In life,

when we mourn the loss and departure

of our loved ones,

total darkness quickly arrives

engulfing us in sorrow,

but not for all.

As we start to peek

gazing up at the firmament,

we recognize while we grieve

that there is still light

in the darkness,

just as countless stars and the moon

illuminate the night sky.

Soon enough,

a bright new day approaches.

First it breaks

as a tiny ray of light in the horizon.

Shortly thereafter,

a new beginning

inexorably commences,

filled with vivid hues

on a fresh pallet.

A rebirth, a fresh new start,

as each new day begins

a daily renewal of the human existence

makes us realize

that everything around us

is recurrent, recursive and regenerated.

As life passes on,

a day ends,

and night takes center stage,

but only for a while.

A new life soon starts,

a fresh new day breaks out,

the sparks of life irrupt

over the horizon.

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