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Serenity, Courage And Wisdom 2

Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

Serenity is a contemplative state

of absolute inner peace and immutable calmness.

It is a condition that allows us

to observe life as a movie from the inside.

In slow motion,

we seemingly pause and contemplate

each single frame

and the false perception of time’s movement

speeding or meandering along,

simply disappearing,

giving way to a refreshing

genuine measure of time.

Serenity is also a key ingredient for moderation.

whether through 

a meditative, pensive,

reflective or contemplative mode;

calmness and placidness

are conduits and facilitators for

caution, refrain, restrain

tolerance and prudence,

while being,

at the same time, 

the best antidotes resolving

reactive and impulsive behavior.

By fostering a modicum of this in our conduct,

serenity enables us to have and utilize

the ability to contemplate

our alternatives and options

while slowing down time

when making decisions.

Do we chose serene inaction


Do we decide to act

without gut, brains, heart

or a combination of them?

Life slows down, where there is serenity.

We find peace in pause,

as our frantic pace freezes.

Perhaps serenity’s greatest virtue

is acceptance or acknowledgment

of inevitable, irreplaceable

or irreversible realities.

One of our best existential weapons

against denial is serenity.

By providing us with clarity and finality,

even closure,

serenity becomes a key ingredient of courage.

The more bravery and valor

are impregnated with serenity,

the fiercer, more deliberate, even invincible,

they become.

In the absence of serenity,

courage may be nothing more

than a fantastic suicide mission.

Courage is our best asset

for overcoming extreme adversity and hardship,

seemingly insurmountable obstacles and difficulties,

devastation and total defeat,

loss or failure and overwhelming odds before us.

Courage is our best weapon

to identify, tame, conquer,

and finally, 

harness our fears.

That is how,

when acting with bravery and valor

fear becomes our ally,

instead of paralyzing *inexistentiality.*

Fearlessness is an intrinsically part

of the fuel driving courage’s fiery flame.


Fearlessness becomes the motivation to act,

preventing or reversing the consequences

of our fright.

That’s how courage is flushed

with positive actionable fear.

When in action as we execute,

courage is fearless, dauntless and intrepid.

Courage is a wild virtue of the spirit,

driven by guts, beliefs, passion, heart and fear.

Wisdom provides us,

with enlightenment,

sagacity and judicious behavior

in deciding either for Serenity

in accepting crude realities to defeat denial

or for Courage to allow us to turn around

the improbable, the impossible,

the irreversible and the seemingly inevitable

or according to the circumstances

implementing both of them.

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