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Reciprocity | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith


Before asking for 

or expecting anything out of life, 

ask yourself first,

 what have you already given beforehand?

Nature blossoms,

as water drops.

All the colors of the world light up,

as the sun shines.

The entire Universe high in the sky glows,

as night falls.

As we breathe, our entire self continues,

hence, gets to live another day.

As we are able to see,

reality’s images come to life before us

to be enjoyed.

As we think and comprehend,

out entire world exists.

The world’s full gamut

of physics and biology

can be calculated, measured

and in part explained,

through reciprocity.

Part of the essence of life’s virtuous cycle

is reciprocity.

If constant motion is the roar

of nature’s engine at work,

reciprocity is the key component

of the fuel that enables it.

When we reciprocate with each other,

we appeal to the better angels

dwelling in ourselves and over humanity.

The true essence of receiving anything in life

lies in what we have given in advance.

In a way,

we have not truly given anything,

if nothing comes back.

Inexorably, sooner or later,

if we do good things and we do them right,

if we perform good deeds,

life will respond by giving back to us in spades.

But if we don’t,

one way or another,

life will get back at us,

in the most unexpected of fashions,

and everything and anything

we have taken or received,

without reciprocity in return,

will be taken back, confiscated,

even yanked from us.

If we shoot arrows and bullets or throw stones,

we should expect them to rebound at some point,

perhaps with even more impact in return.

If we gift or dote good deeds, books and roses,

they’ll come back at us in droves.

Mutuality is an immutable correlation

of greater than one,

never, a one-way street.

Generosity is intrinsic to reciprocity

and vice-versa.

Their joint power creates virtuous circles,

positive and upward spirals

of endless gives and takes.

To reciprocate is to be eternally grateful,

to humankind and The Creator,

in a way is about

paying forward to others as well,

for the privilege of being alive.

All of it,

with the lingering,

handsome reward

that all we have contributed

to life itself and others,

perhaps more,

will be paid back to us

in hard-earned, well-deserved bounties .

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