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“The Three-Legged Stool”

What makes a great couple?

First comes Friendship,

Its foundations are

Honesty, Loyalty, Fidelity and Commitment.

In them reside communication

and the sharing of everything.

It is trusting to no end.

It is giving without expecting anything in return.

It is knowing what the other thinks without words

and sensing what the other wants with just a glance.

It is completing each other sentences,

complementing each other’s

weaknesses and differences.

It is where respect and admiration

are the drivers and support columns.

It is where true intimacy lies,

and where the walls and boundaries of a twosome

are built like a fortress

that provides haven

for comfort, safety, privacy and strength

to one another.

When there is true intimacy,

our other half becomes the person

whom we are comfortable with

at all times,

whom we never tire to see, talk or share with.

It is the person that sometimes is our parent,

some others a sibling, a spouse

or simply a friend.

It is the person that motivates us the most,

but also calls us out

and makes us stop,

to change course or make amends.

True friendship thrives on a healthy level of tension

and it’s where,

for better or worse, in sickness or in health

for richer or poorer, lie.

Second comes Passion,

It is when the flesh explodes without control,

when blood and desire are like a fireball,

two bodies are insatiable

and cannot get enough of each other,

no matter how, no matter when, no matter where.

It is when lust overwhelms mind and body,

it is when one look, one touch,

one movement, one thought, one image

is all it takes for arousal to go galore! Both ways.

It is when fantasy and imagination become reality

in a “flash of flesh.”

It is when everything about the other

is sensual, carnal, seductive

all the time and at any time.

Third, comes Love,

True Love is when your heart does not belong to you.

True Love is when the bells of Heaven are ringing

and the trumpets of life

play heart-shaped musical notes at full throttle.

It is the delicate rose garden

that requires constant, tender care,

producing immense, yet fragile beauty.

True love is when skin aches

missing your other half’s touch.

It is to be endlessly in awe,

hopelessly infatuated,

carelessly wrapped around each other’s fingers,

and when nothing is warmer

than being in each other’s arms.

It is when the colors of life

shine and blossom in full

and life’s orchestra plays at its best,

and everything we feel is as if

we were at “ecstasy’s pinnacle.”

Friendship, Passion and Love

are the three legs of a stool

that depict a wholesome couple,

a couple that will last and endure life,

a couple that will stay together forever.

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