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Small Sacrifices | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Small Sacrifices

Sometimes life presents us

with seemingly impossible tasks

and insurmountable challenges,

so demanding,

that we don’t really know where to begin,

much less if we can respond or live up to them,

or even if we will be able

to hold on to the very end.

Sometimes life presents us 

with seemingly huge sacrifices,

that more often than not,

come dressed in tragedy and pain.

Those moments test our entire self

and every task expected of us,

is tough, trying, unsavory, even filthy,

to execute and endure.

These calls of duty

present themselves to us

as very difficult sacrifices,

ones where every inch and instinct

of our ego and selfishness,

rejects and easily finds excuses

to avoid even start, anything at all.

This may include the people close to us,

that cannot take care of themselves

or are handicapped, even terminally ill,

need assistance day in and day out,

and for a while, for long

or for the remainder of their lives,

they are entirely in our hands.

Then there are those,

that are deprived of their freedom,

depending or relying

on our love, strength and support

as we depend of theirs.

There are also,

those that are hungry and homeless,

or those in need of guidance, mentoring,

tutoring, coaching or life lessons,

and yet

none have anything to offer us,

in the way of material things.

These are some of those moments,

when life and God,

come calling to test us on,

How good are we deep inside?

What is our quality and worthiness as human beings?

What is our heart really made of?

How ready are we to sacrifice and give much

without truly expecting anything in return.

In reality,

these are just small sacrifices

and in a way gifts,

that are asked and required of us

in return for all of those

that we receive and have received in the past.

Sometimes life presents us

with seemingly huge sacrifices,

that are not such,

as they are opportunities

for us to pay forward,

the greatest gift of all,

one already given to us in kind,

“the Gift of Life.”

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