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Animo, Anima, Animus | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

Animo, Animus, Anima

Animo, Animus, Anima, 

what does it matter?

They are all one of the same.


Colloquially speaking,

animus is strictly associated with animosity

and all of those deeply rooted ill feelings.

But there couldn’t be a more blatant example

of misusing a very profound word

than this!

That’s why in this verse,

the words, Animo, Animus, Anima

are accompanied by their homonyms.


hereunto is it the other side of animus

or instead perhaps animo or anima?

Well, either or, here is what it is…

Animus is a state or a condition

that signals our “vital engagement”

in the game of life.

Animus reflects desire and willingness combined.

It can be an attitude directed at anything or anyone

or a condition that results

from the deliberate or even unintended

ways we live.

Animus is the impetus of the spirit,

the spark of the soul.

The passionate force of the heart,

the driver of our design,

the engine behind our intendment,

the catalyst of our purpose,

the vital energy behind our meaning,

the fuel of our plan,

the paved road towards our goals,

the secret ingredient behind our courage,

the light inside our mind,

the energy behind our willingness,

the precondition of our disposition.

In a state or a condition of willingness

Animus determines the degree

of our existential engagement

and the level of our life’s intensity.

It lies at our core, inside our inner spirit.

If Animo, Animus, Anima

is not spontaneously present

during the onset of life’s endless paths,

then we have to fight for it,

applying our best efforts forward to acquire it,

so that we are in “the right frame of mind”

when embarking in any quest.

Are you in good “animo” today?

Are you in good “animus” everyday?

Do you have the right “anima” this morning?

Animo, Animus, Anima,

What does it matter?

After all,

They are all,

one and the same.

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