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Of Fate And Fairy Tales

Of Fate And Fairy Tales

Where does a fairy tale begin?

How does it start?

How is it created ?

Where can we find one?

And once we do, how do we turn it on?

When is it that our life’s pages,

shine and sparkle in all their splendor,

and our hearts are suddenly filled

with magical dreams

of reciprocal love?

It is commonly said and acknowledged that fate is,

predictable, unavoidable, ineludible, inescapable, inevitable;

making us mere terrestrial beings

careening through the existential universe,

towards pre-planned destinations or outcomes.

Such a belief is not only false, it is crucially wrong

as it derails our spirits under the conviction

that our lives occur in some sort of preordained fashion.

But fate is just a banal excuse,

dressed under a fake historical costume of legitimacy.

Its only purpose is to justify a non-deliberate life,

one that lacks meaning and purpose.

Fact is, we create our own fairy tales,

it is on us, no one else.

We can make a fairy tale out of anything, anyone or anywhere.

Life is a never-ending fairy tale, if we make it such.

There is extraordinaire, magnificence, splendor,

felicitousness and awesomeness,

around every corner, right in front of us,

as well as inside each one of us,

ready to be uncovered and released,

as long as we are able to see life and people

with a touch of candor, ingenuity and good faith.

And yet, there is nothing accidental and fortuitous

about fairy tales.

Many think that someday we are going to run into

a fairy godmother, a wizard or an enchantress,

or even a prince on a white horse,

or a goddess of virtue, beauty and strength,

that will sweep us off our feet.

What we have to realize though,

is that we are each one of those characters already,

as they all reside within our own spirits.

So, how do we turn a fairy tale on?

By leaving nothing to chance!

With an unquenchable desire to live, love and dream.

Also, by recognizing, appreciating and pursuing

the inner beauty that resides in each human being,

no matter who they are.

And by understanding that,

no matter how dire life may be,

every circumstance, every moment,

every challenge, obstacle or hardship,

no matter how unsavory they may seem;

every failure, defeat or rejection,

no matter how deflating, they may appear;

they all have not only existential value,

but also enchantment,

for us to discover, enjoy and experience.

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