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Gratitude | Erasmus cromwell smith


The most important forms of Gratitude

are either celestial or existential in nature.

Enough has  been professed and predicated, describing Gratitude.

Yet, its essence does not lie in the WHAT IS IT? 

It resides in the WHEN, WHY, AND HOW.                                                   

We are truly grateful when we are Selfless in our gestures and expectations.

We are genuinely grateful on  our actions

if we are keenly Aware of its existential and imperative necessity; 

such, to perennially reciprocate and give back to life and others,

for the privilege of being alive.

For Gratitude to be authentically proffered or conveyed;

for Gratitude to resonate or be empathetic;

It requires the virtues of  Humility and Respect.

Selflessness, Awareness, Humility, And Respect

Are the essence of  WHEN, WHY AND HOW Gratitude takes place.

Our mere existence is inexplicably fortunate,

immensely blessed;

For it, we thank our Creator for ordaining us into this universe,

instead of the trillions of other reproductive cells,

that never make it through

the procreation and gestation stages,

preceding birth.

Once we arrive, though,

we have much to be thankful for,

certainly for every day

we are alive, healthy, conscious,

and surrounded by friends and family;

but alongside these two is our Gratitude for others.

In Gratitude,

We recognize the loyalty others demonstrate to us.

In Gratitude,

We value the faith others maintain in us.

In Gratitude,

We acknowledge the worthiness of one another’s gestures.

In Gratitude,

We pay our respects as human beings

to those that dote on us whether we deserve it or not.

In Gratitude,

We reattribute with love, the love received.

In Gratitude,

We reward the acts of kindness we are graced with.

In Gratitude,

We enjoy what we give far more than what we receive.

In Gratitude,

We celebrate the naive and candid side of life.

Gratitude is most impactful

when it genuinely comes from the heart,

without the interference of ego or social rules.

Genuine Gratitude does not expect anything in return.

Genuine Gratitude is spontaneous,

not dictated by anything or anyone.

Genuine Gratitude is anonymous;

it is just an act of our conscience.

Genuine Gratitude uplifts

who or what we are grateful for, first,

at the forefront,

while we remain behind the scenes.

Genuine Gratitude is never

proportionate or measurable in magnitudes.

Genuine Gratitude is expressed

through acts of love, gestures, and even sacrifices.

To the contrary, false Gratitude is a narcissistic farce,

as our only real concern is ourselves and our image,

not anyone else’s.

Gratitude is a dependable source

of inner peace, happiness and inspiration,

as its musical notes sing

to the better side of our human condition,

where the spark of creativity and visualization

can be ignited in an instant,

triggering one of the noblest of all conditions,

that of being perennially thankful

to the Creator, for life, and to others.

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