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JOY |Erasmus Cromwell Smith


Joy is the highest level,

the ultimate attainment of Happiness.

It is a virtuous elevated state

reaching “The Zenith of Contentment.”

Joy occurs,

when happiness shines and sparkles,

when all is radiant and incandescent,

when we are inundated, impregnated, soaked

with a sense of

absolute wholesomeness,

immense pleasure,

complete satisfaction


totally satiated feelings,

all emanating from within ourselves.

Some profess that,

when we arrive,

while we are here,


when we depart this world,

we are endowed and blessed with joy

directly from Heaven

and our Creator himself.

Others believe that a minimum,

Joy must originate

from a profound

and well-grounded spirituality.

Then there are those,

who are even certain,

that continuous Joy requires “Clarity in Life”

originating from “Coherence,”

the glue that connects in “sensical-harmony”

meaning with purpose in our existence.

In the final analysis, most certainly

Joy generates from any of all the above.

Joy ensures

when we are

alert, conscious and appreciative,

when we anticipate and emote in delight

and when we are able

to taste, feel and pleasure in purity

by simply, being alive.

Joy is inherent and immanent

to our core, very essence and nature,

but joy can also be elusive,

hard to discern and visualize

as it is often clouded by poisons of the spirit








Material Wealth

and the most dangerous of them all,


In addition,

when we are unable to be





Authentically Honest,

Joy is poignantly absent.

The fundamental prerequisites of Joy are

the inner peace and calmness

of finding and then being true to oneself.

Joy has nothing to do

with Character, Success or Riches;

it is about whether our “Existential Inner-Lights”

and our “Desire for Life at its Fullest”

are switched ON or not.

As it is essential to our existence,

Joy cannot be possessed or controlled;

Joy simply is.

The noble and sublime state of “Inspiration,”

perhaps the only source of continuous happiness,

is our secret ingredient, our catapult, our springboard

into the elevated thrill of Joy.

There is no predictable Joy in the future, much less in the past.

Our masochists minds tend to take us to places

that no longer exist or are yet to be;

to the contrary,

Joy’s eternal presence

exists only in the “Here and Now!”

A condition of permanent Joy

is the telltale of the “Wizards of Life,”

those that have lived long enough,

but still possess pure, candid and innocent hearts.

When Joyous,

we exude,






celebrate in exuberance

and seemingly




and waft

above mundane reality

in utter and sheer bliss.

In Joy is where

the truest, purest meaning of life resides,

although “Hidden in Plain Sight” within;

Joy is one of the biggest existential treasures

we hold while we exist and are alive.

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