Geniality | erasmus cromwell smith


If we are content

to oversimplify what Geniality is, 

limiting ourselves

to mean it as something simply

cordial, affable, congenial,

gracious, sociable, cheerful and kindly;

We rob the uniqueness and outstanding

aspects of its application.

Worst of all,

we trivialize the genius in all of us

which is an intrinsical part of our essence,

and our sense of being.


the Geniality we speak about in this scribble,

is such that comes out of genius.

Here’s the contradictory problem with genius,

we haven’t figured it out yet;

What does it mean to be a genius?

How is it to be genial, act genially,

possess genialness and geniality?

What is to be able to genialize ourselves,

everyone and everything we touch.

The fact is,

there’s Geniality inside each one of us.

it resides somewhere within

and it is ready and eager,

to be discovered, nurtured, developed,

exploited and put into practice.

In a way, it’s like our Geniality is a genie in a bottle.


we make it really hard to become genial;

We think of genial

in terms of the most exceptional, exclusive and limited.

The absence of geniality

as less, common or everybody else.

we think of people, things in a binary way, up or down.

Geniuses are neither of them.

In fact, quite the contrary,

genialness to begin with, levels the playing field;

everyday geniuses do not feel better or less than others,

it’s simply a term that does not exist in their dictionaries.

A genius is simply someone, anyone, everyone

that has recognized, discovered or found

in himself or others,

all the talents and abilities

he or others were born with,

and has uncorked, liberated and implemented them.

A genius does not think in terms of being better,

and the rest of others being less than him.

He is simply really good at what he does best. Period.

Geniality can be found

where we hold innate, unlimited and notable talent.

Any of us are genial

when we’re able to tap into our maximum potential,

using our best strengths;

at such moments we get to use our superpowers,

becoming masters of our genial potential.

But don’t ever confuse this with simplicity

as genius only deals with hard challenges.

Nothing geniality tackles comes easy,

it is just that it looks that way from the outside,

in the hands of genial powers,

rehearsed talents and well trained abilities.

Ask yourself,

What am I really, really good at?

What was I born and destined to be?

What is it that I am passionate about and really love to do?

Honestly, what is it?

Given my abilities, passions and talents,

What is it that I do best in life?

And if I haven’t yet discovered it,

let me make it my life-quest to find it.

One thing is certain,

the genius in all of us does not reside

where we don’t have the talent

and the passion to indulge into it.

The main obstacle and problem

with approaching geniality though,

is that it can be intimidating;

thus, instead of embracing and getting close,

we shy away from it.

In actuality what we need to do is just the opposite.

In order to elevate ourselves,

we have to be exposed and surrounded

by people that have talents and abilities

that are simply better than ours

or that we aren’t that accomplished or experienced at

or simply haven’t discovered yet.

The absence of Geniality occurs,

when envying the virtues and strengths of others,

we embark on the futile, poisonous exercise

of comparing ourselves to them,

often even worse,

when we do it against the backdrop

of our most notorious weaknesses and shortfalls.

Geniality is always confused

as being solely the spectrum of those

with extraordinary native intellectual power,

transcendental mental superiority,

or amazing inventiveness and ability.

Geniuses are perceived as profoundly gifted individuals

with attributes so diverse, complex and sophisticated;

We feel overwhelmed

and out of step in front of them.

The question we have to ask ourselves

in those instances is:

Are we afraid?

Do we feel inadequate and intimidated

by extraordinary genius?

Or are we just afraid of ourselves?

In this respect,

it’s always healthy to remind ourselves that,

whatever someone else has,

we all have something different

but equally valuable in the universe of life;

it’s also worth remembering that,

although we are all geniuses at one or a few things,

where we shine and soar,

we are all clumsy clowns

on many, many others.

Hence, the genius in us

does not compare 

with anyone or anything,

because this is not only pointless,

but a zero sum game

as our humbling flaws are always waiting for us,

on every corner of the streets of life.

So, what are we waiting for?

Our Geniality awaits us.

Our genie in a bottle is ready to be unlocked and liberated.

Let us unleash the genius inside all of us,

so we can perform at our maximum potential

and at the top of our abilities

while being the best we can be in life.

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