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Enthusiasm | Erasmus cromwell smith


There are few other expressions

that better depict

what it means to be truly alive

than enthusiasm.

The enthusiast

is impregnated with a halo

of ebullient effusivity,

unstoppable and contagious desire,

exalted and positive energy,

disarming candor and vibrant ingenuity;

to embark and pursue after

countless virtuous outcomes.

The enthusiast is possessed

with an all-encompassing,

overwhelming and refreshing impetus,

a cheerful and exuberant willingness,

an incessant and unrelenting drive

to explore, experiment and experience

all encounters and events

that in his eyes

are worthwhile.

For the enthusiast,

life is an infinite series of precious bounties

of probable or possible moonshots,

just waiting to be tapped.

Enthusiasm is the best antidote

for passivity, indifference and lack of passion.

Enthusiasm is the essence 

of inspiration, happiness and true love.

Spontaneous waves of goodness,

come second nature to the enthusiast.

In reality,

these driven and bursting vibes of positive energy

are deliberate joy-triggers

and unmistakable signals

that symbolize the magic key,

opening the land of continuous happiness,

where we are graced with a mantle

of pulsating, ticking, vibrating and palpable vitality.

A passionate and inspired life

is always drenched with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the secret catalyst

to unlock and bring

continuous joy into our journey through life.

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