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Life, Beauty And Art | Erasmus cromwell smith

Life, Beauty and Art

Where does beauty reside?

Where does it lie?

Where is it found?

Beauty begins with us,

inside all of us,

ready to be discovered,

ready to be tapped.

In order for us to see beauty

in anyone or anything,

we have to see and recognize it first,

within ourselves.

Where else can beauty be found?

Well understanding that starts within,

we can realize and appreciate

that we are surrounded by it as well.

The beauty we possess enables us

to find it in everyone and everything else.

However, more often than not,

attractiveness is not always apparent at first sight.

There is,

dirt and darkness where diamonds are hidden.

There is,

mud and disease where gold can be found,

seemingly buried behind impenetrable rocks or sands.

There is,

litter and chaos where masterpieces are born,

debris and dust where magnificent craftsmanship takes place,

slime and sulfur where oil riches burst forth,

incoherence and lack of meaning

in the words and statements,

found within the finest scribbles

when they are first created.

Pain, sweat and tears

when he noblest human feats come to pass.

Where does beauty originate?

Sometimes beauty is born in ugliness;

beauty is best valued,

when uncovered from underneath

or within hideousness.

Beauty is best appreciated

when provided or defined

under a mantle 

that runs contrary

to stereotype and conventional wisdom.

But, for many,

beauty is also conferred in rich bounties,

who in turn fail to recognize 

its existential worthiness, 


failing to enjoy the aesthetics of life’s

most magnificent, radiant and incandescent side.

When beauty does not provide intense satisfaction,

our spirit and soul,

may in passing be,

empty and hollow.

In all its dimensions,


whether in persons or possessions,

over the passage of time

requires our benevolent disposition

to be recognized and admired.

Because as life’s clock ticks,

beauty changes and morphs,

but in the eyes of those

that truly know how to enjoy and feel it,

beauty never fades, diminishes or goes away.

For all of us,

physical youth provides and masks beauty;

through the years though,

the beauty and the richness,

or lack of,

of our life, spirit, and soul

are progressively plastered

and reflected on our faces;

without a mask,

we end up revealing and exposing,

what and who we really are inside,

Life’s truest beauty lies in hiding

ready to be uncovered,

if we make the effort to do so.

The beauty of a life well lived,

ages with nobility and grace.

Beauty is to be found on those life travelers,

that live free of limiting dogmas, 

prejudices or stereotypes;

those, that truly find and enjoy

pulchritude, attractiveness,

liveliness, comeliness, charm, grace

and anyone or anything pleasing to the senses;

Those that truly love and are loved.

Those that are active participants in their lives.

Those that dispense and value 

the small gestures and details in life.

Those that devote, pour their hearts and spirits

into everything they do,

living passionate, inspired lives.

Those are the ones possessing and appreciative

of lasting beauty.

The kind of beauty that regardless 

of what our senses prompt us to do,

regardless of place or circumstances,

regardless of age or riches,

regardless of ourselves or others,

never goes away.

Lasting beauty is perhaps 

one of the most precious existential gifts.

perhaps one of the hardest to master.

It requires development as an immanent quality or virtue,

to appreciate, wear, value and treasure beauty,

even if there isn’t any

to be obviously seen, perceived or found.

But, when does Beauty becomes art?

Art is inherent to Beauty

as Beauty is  to art.

Art is born in Beauty.

Art creates Beauty.

Beauty must be perceived and acknowledged,

for Art to exist.

As Art transforms the ordinary into masterful

and the extraordinary into sublime,

Art alters our perception,

making the object not only appealing,

but also arising feelings 

that have meaning and purpose.

Art creates an intimate, quasi-spiritual

and highly intense connection within us,

as it speaks a unique inspiring language to our spirit,

while providing a mirror for our soul.

Beauty is often driven and born from Art,

when Art resonates to beauty

it always infatuates our hearts.

As Beauty,

Art only exists in the eye of the beholder,

thus, there are no limits or boundaries

to what Art can be,

it can be a scribble, an essay, a craft;

anything Beauty touches,

may easily translate into Art.

Art is a deliberate human creation

driven by inspiration, talent, skill

and specially by our hearts.

Even unintentionally,

Art is always generated 

through bursting emotions;

then tempered and polished

through method, technique and intuitive studies

in the realms of knowledge and intellect.

Art is grace and blessing

as one can’t help

but feel the hand of God

behind its masterfulness and Beauty.

At the crossroads between Beauty and Art,

resides the most sublime of connections

between the human spirit, the soul

and everything we create.

Art is where life’s mastery lies,

where all our best and unique talents are harvested,

where continuous inspiration and happiness effervesce.

When we master Art and Beauty,

we are truly genuinely alive

as both require our vital engagement;

a heightened sensorial state,


connected with Creation,

we become champions of life

by squeezing and enjoying

the best it has to offer.

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