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The Quibler And The Street Juggler | erasmus cromwell smith

The Quibbler and The Street Juggler

Standing by the corner

under the broken street lamp,

on a dusky, foggy & misty night,

The Quibbler does what he always does,

he mumbles & grumbles, rambles and tumbles

his thoughts & words about anyone and anything.

His big blue eyes dart in near darkness,

right & left, left & right.

And they seem, 

while filled with magnetic intensity,

as if about to pop out,

of his eye sockets!

And as he stares, 

trying to follow the pirouettes of the lonely shadow,

he wonders aloud,

“What is it with this fellow?”

Down the street, unaware of being watched,

he juggles while sitting high above the cobblestones,

pedaling the single wheel in quick bursts,

while glued to the saddle,

contorting into impossible angles and acrobatic circles,

always defying gravity,

backwards, downwards, upwards & sideways.

“He juggles while in balance,

his hands are always 

keeping multiple objects

floating in the air,

but never handling more than two at once,

despite swings, twists & turns,

he never loses focus nor concentration

and does it all

with absolute confidence and resolute determination.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, but why juggle?”

The Quibbler rambles non-stop.

“And so what?”

“Who cares about living a life on the edge,

filed with contortions

and near misses

in every corner?”

“Because that’s what we do in life,

we juggle & seek to maintain balance,

and through practice & experience 

we want to master both, as he does,

as if they were second nature to us.”

Finally reason prevails & The Quibbler concludes,

“As the Juggler,

again & again,

we strive & we struggle through the streets of life,

sometimes by defying the impossible & the improbable.

That’s what we do,

we seek, we find & we conquer,

then hang on for dear life.”

“To maintain balance and be a master Juggler,

requires a disciplined & constant effort,

as they are both a couple of the keys,

to a wholesome & well-grounded life.”

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