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When it happens for legitimate, valid reasons,

defiance is a deliberate positive attitude,

an existential tool that helps us

challenge and confront

any kind of hardship.

It’s such an indomitable force

that regardless of life’s obstacles,

unbearable circumstances,

material or emotional shortcomings,

even profound pain and sorrow,

once experienced and unleashed,

through it,

neither our resilience,

nor our will or our desire to live,

much less our fighting spirit,

can ever be bent or tamed.

When we resist,

in defense of freedom, dignity and justice,

for the sake of the truth,

When we oppose 

oppression, persecution and tyranny,

When we antagonize

bigotry, hate and discrimination,

When we stand immutable

behind virtue, values and principle,

Defiance becomes intrinsically

to what drives and sustains us,

how we withstand and outlast,

and how in the end, we prevail.

Defiance is,

the purest expression and release valve

within life’s turmoil,

for our inner raging fires.

Those that lie right at our core,

those that can never be extinguished

as they burn and churn,

fueling our deepest passions, 

our most unshakeable convictions

and our firmest beliefs.

Defiance is the attitude

that defines us best,

as true “life warriors,”

those that not only,

can’t be conquered by hardship,

to the contrary,

face it square in the eye,

attacking it relentlessly,

treating it as an enemy of war,

going at it,

until it is totally

vanquished, obliterated and defeated.

Defiance is an existential tool

we carry with us at all times,

to bend and break hardship’s aim and will.

In defiance is how we turn the tables around

to face life’s vicissitudes.

It is how we drown, conquer and defeat our fears,

as well as defeat

some of life’s greatest impostors.

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