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When we itch to explore,

When we crave to adventure,

When we have an inkling to discover,

When we can’t wait to incessantly

dig, search, find, check, investigate,

analyze, study, experiment and validate,

When we are not afraid of change,

the unknown, unseen,

anyone or anything new,

When we are,

keen to break the mold,

swim against the stream,

oblivious to conventional wisdom,

and able to improvise or adapt

in the spur of the moment,

When we contemplate life

with candid, innocent and dreamy hearts,

When we are not intimidated by,

How High, How Deep, How Low,

How Big, How Small, How Impactful,

How Irrelevant, How Celebrated,

How Despised, How Demanding,

How Patient, How Calm,

How Passionate, How Disheartened,

How Triumphant,

we may be or become.


We are in possession

of the magical elixir of Curiosity,

a whimsical existential-inducing bug,

that places us,

on a riveting journey,

where we float above mundane reality,

under the mantle of an endless pursuit

to be awed, amazed or simply blown away

by the acquisition of precious

knowledge and experience.

Curiosity takes us,

to countless labyrinths, mystical places,

memorable people and transcendental moments.

Curiosity engages and dotes on us restless spirits,

as well as,

a soul soaked with “the light and energy of life.”

As an agent of change in the pursuit of wisdom,

curiosity is one of the most valuable

existential tools there is.

Through curiosity,

we continually refine our life’s purpose

by revisiting, renewing and defining

our life’s meaning.

With Curiosity,

we remain goofy, loose, foolish and joyful;

endlessly looking, searching, learning and discovering

someone, something, anything…! Anew.

If we deploy and employ curiosity,

we are always ready for “change,”


we readily embrace evolution as well.

October 2020.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith.

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