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What Amazing This Is!

What an Amazing Day This Is!

What an amazing day this is! 


I awoke on the surface of Mars,

surrounded by a landscape

of intense shades of red and rusty dust.

I am engulfed by rocks and sand

that soon transform into monotony

that appears as spiritless

as butterscotch caramel.

There is no air to breath in here.

The atmosphere is 85% CO2.

There is scarce subterranean frozen water

at both poles,

thus certainly not within my reach.

As a result, nothing grows either.

It’s a lifeless planet.

As I turn and gaze up at the night heavens,

I see a *resplandescent* Earth in the distance

that immediately seizes me.

Its blues, greens and whites

touch me deep, deep inside;

its beauty and richness provoke

this fierce sense of belonging

that simply bursts out,

overwhelming me.

“That’s my home,” I declare.

“That’s where I live,” I point to the sky.

Then, as I look at my surroundings,

my living planet’s presence stands out

in stark contrast to the dead red planet

I am standing on.

At that moment, I realize

that the gallery of asteroids, comets, meteors,

moons, planets and stars in the firmament,

to the best of my knowledge,

are dead as well.


our planet is,

as a biological entity,

the only one alive!


I woke up on the surface of Mars

and felt,


undeservingly privileged

and eternally grateful

for being alive to enjoy

such an amazing place

like our awesome planet.


I woke up inside a 10-nanometer chip,

packing 100 million transistors,

all capable of processing algorithmic calculations,

its software so powerful,

that eventually

it’ll make every product and service

so intelligent

they’ll emulate the human brain.


I woke up in a world where every day,

we, humans, 

are enhancing

what God and Nature provide,

achieving unimaginable

levels of progress and development.

And I am alive right in the middle of it

as it’s unfolding,

enabling me the opportunity

to take advantage 

and enjoy the benefits

these quantum leaps of progress offer,

How fortunate we all are!


I woke up inside of me,

and the first thing I did,

was travel through the wirings of my brain,

at the speed of light.

Navigating all of my grey matter,

I reached a distance equivalent

to the circumference of the Earth.

With the most powerful computer

in existence,

I decided to count the number of cells

that comprise my life.

I tallied the number of neurons

in my brain and totaled several billion.

Then, I wanted to see

how all the cells in my body function and interact. 

I found myself observing screen after screen

consisting of billions of them as well.

Each cell independent

and fulfilling different missions,

but all perfectly co-existing organically

amongst each other.

I was shocked to witness tens of thousands

of the same vital cells dying

to be simultaneously replaced

by new ones reproduced at the same moment.

Not yet satisfied,

my whimsical wandering led me firsthand

to witness,

how viruses and infections

continuously swarm my body,

and how many thousands upon thousands

of sick cells or pathogens inhabitants

are ready to conduct a sneak attack.

Again, I was startled to learn

that I am, like the rest of us,

amazingly in possession

of even greater quantities of bacteria

stimulating my immune systems.

So, hosting this bacteria,

this infestation,

is vital for life to exist.

I was able to watch how my defense mechanisms

keep every threat from escalating

or simply hold them at bay.

Finally, I was able to inspect and observe

my organs while at work,

marveling at the inexorability and vitality,

their beauty and perfection,

as they endlessly perform

highly complex tasks with ease.


I woke inside of me and realized

that just the mere fact of being alive

is a continuous miracle

that renews itself

each and every second.


I finally understood that,

being alive is a dynamic balance,

that there is a very fine line


health, sickness and death.


I woke inside of me 

and was able to see

how infinitely complex

my whole being is

and how

in order to exist on Earth,

I have been graced

with this amazing organism

-my body-

I finally understood 

how precious every moment is.


I woke up on the top of the world,

feeling the air flow through my lungs

while realizing

that just a couple of minutes deprived,

without it

and finality;

Life is Gone!

I observed, examined and learned

that food, weather cycles and human nutrients

are required

to be grown, harvested, produced

to feed us.

I realized how little time

it would take

for us to weaken and even starve

if it wasn’t for the abundance

that surrounds us.

Then, I saw billions of fellow human beings

all around me

and realized that our planet and nature,

as a whole

provide for all of us,

all our basic subsistent needs,

with equal perfection,

as if we are a single cell organism.


I woke up and realized,

that I live on the only discovered

“living” planet in the Universe.


I woke and finally understood

how very, very few of us

make it from reproductive cells

into human beings.


I finally woke up to life.


I finally feel truly alive.


I proclaim in realization

my effusive appreciation

and humble gratitude

for simply being alive.

What an Amazing day this is!

What an amazing life

and what an amazing pair of vessels,

have been created and provided to me:

My planet and my body.


What am I waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

What are we waiting for?

Let’s go out and enjoy what we are!


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