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The Spinning Wheel Of Life | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

The Spinning Wheel of Life

The spinning wheel of life

goes around and around,

that’s why everything we see,

comes and goes around in full circle

to the place it started

or where it ended.

Yes, in many ways life is a circle,

or better said,

a series of never-ending elliptical bends and curves,

part of a bigger, wider circle.

And what seems new and unique to you,

has indeed already happened!

Millions of times before!

Because, you see…

with each turn of the wheel,

what was,

what is,

and what will be,

are one of the same,

as in every one of life’s turns,

there is a beginning,

then life takes us for a spin,

and then inevitably,

there is an end to everything.

But rejoice,

since the wheel endlessly spins,

each end is also a new beginning,

and as nothing stops,

life is, therefore,

a constant, circular and flowing loop!

spinning and spinning,

around and around,

what is, is,

over and over,

what was, will be,

what will be, already was,

and will be again.

Let us treasure then,

as we circle around,

what already was,

and what is to come.

But above all,

let us rejoice the here and now!

Especially those we love

and for what we have,

whatever that is,

as we don’t really know,

when it will end.

But do not be distracted,

there are moments in one’s life,

that start at the very end,

and others that end at the very beginning,

thus it is sound and astute to remember,

that an opening always awaits us in life,

the start of a new beginning.

Let us spin then, 

the wheel of life

around and around;

we’ll go in circles,

where the beginning,

the end

and the middle of everything,

are one of the same,

just a different spin.

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