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Way, Way Up There

Way, way up there

Way, way up there

Where one can almost touch the sky,

well beyond the horizon,

there is an endless rainbow,

filled with extraordinary colors,

so bright and shiny,

that they are a feast to the eye

beyond wonder.

And it points to the sky,

and thought it,

after being picked up by an angel,

engulfed in magic stardust,

soars at lightning speed,

your loving aunt,

as she leaves earth

on her final journey.

And way, way, up there,

Where one can almost touch the stars,

forever sits,

after a journey,

she could not quite finish.

Way, way up there,

where infinite lies,

just look at the night sky,

and gaze at the shining star,

see how it glows,

watch how it sparkles.

That’s her protecting you,

that’s your new mate and journey companion,

illuminating your road ahead,

as you complete your own journey

through planet earth.

Way, way up there

where one is in heaven,

where glittering rainbows end,

sits a new star,

that watches your back,

and is your guardian forever.

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