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Life, Evolution And Change


Two of the most fundamental and existential states in life are measured by each stroke forward in our life clock’s hands. 

The corroboratory tick of the larger and faster one is that of the sound of change, and the smaller and slower one, validating clicks are those of the sound of evolution. 

If the minutes tick, then the hours will inevitably click as well.

Change engenders evolution, not the other way around.

If change is the transition from one condition to another, then

evolution is a series of guided changes of advancement.

Change is doors opening, Evolution takes and keeps us inside.

Change is the pursuit of something new, different and perhaps disrupting. Evolution is the realization of such endeavor.

Change is the end of a paradigm, evolution is the new one.

Change requires willingness and desire, evolution is self-evident.

Change could trigger second chances, evolution is the second chance itself.

Change is lasting and most effective when accompanied by Consciousness and rewarded by evolution.

When change is humble, real change inside is likely and we evolve.

Change versus dogma -as a rigid set of beliefs,- are like oil and water. Evolution is the filter that separates and discards dogma away.

Change is easily measurable in magnitudes, it is seasonal and occurs in batches. Evolution is easily quantifiable as well. It is constant and transits through all seasons.

When we change for others, our heart is king and evolution is our new and richer royal heart.

When circumstances or others change us, the existence or lack of evolution is the incontrovertible evidence on whether change is for better or worse.

Change is fruitful when driven by mindfulness, evolution is the fruit of such behavior.

Real change requires truthfulness, evolution is the validation of such platitude.

Monsters could be born out of change when combined with material things such as greed or power; then, instead of evolution we could regress backwards on a downward spiral.

Change could also be opportunistic and circumstantial or it could be rehearsed and deliberate, but its execution and validation are essentially the same, the old trusty tool of evolution.

When we change, we willingly want to,



pass over, 










replace, switch; a position or course, status or state, 

depart from beliefs, credos or norms; 

deviate from character, sequence or condition; 

insurge, diverge or shift. 

But, it is only through evolution that we execute them all.

Change is not constrained by time, but by opportune circumstances. Evolution is the reward for proper timing.

Change is virtuous when driven by moral truisms and the choice of excellence, evolution is the actual acquisition of such virtues.

Change is observed, recognized and valued when not self-proclaimed or bragged about, and the proof of such worthy behavior lies in the presence or absence of evolution as a consequence of our behavior.

As we are afraid of it, change requires courage and valor; then, the resulting evolution is our medal of honor.

Through change and evolution our life is never still, always moving forward, constantly renewing itself in a state of constant flux.

If we embrace change, we are in harmony and in accordance with the laws of nature and the rules of life, welcoming one of our universal key dimensions, that of perennial and endless transformation, where the sounds of change and the winds of evolution, tick and click in sync, inexorably forward and never swaying away.

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

September 2021.

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