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It Is Commonly Said That, Love...

It Is Commonly Said That, Love …

It is commonly said that

love is never having to say you’re sorry,

and never having to apologize.

It has been said, therefore,

that in this regard, love is perfect

and as it belongs to a twosome,

it is twice perfect.

But the risk of love

without forgiveness or repentance,

is that it could turn rigid and selfish.

It’s the kind of love,

where forgiveness

is replaced by

obfuscation and solitary reprimands.

It’s the kind of love,

where repentance

is replaced by wounded self-esteem,

and offended egos and pride.

To the contrary,

love is to know how to forgive

those that we love.

Forgiving one another,

we also forgive us.

Love between two people works,

only if the couple,

acts in unison on everything,

so when one fails, both fail,

or maybe,

the one that has failed,

is the other.

Love is to be sorry together.

Love is absent of

pride, selfishness

forbidden or sacred places.

What matters in love is

what one feels for one another.

In love,

it does not matter

if there is a gesture or not,

but only if whatever takes place

it is done with our hearts.

Love is not arrogant.

Love is humble.

When in love,

complaints are ill-fitted,

punishment creates opaqueness,

pride stains,

selfishness hurts,

and punishment kills.

When there is love,

the offense is born,

with its own pardon,

attached to it.

Remorse is always done

by both lovers, and

it is in this way, that forgiveness

does not exist in love,

because while in love,

it is not necessary

to say I’m sorry,

or to ask for forgiveness.

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