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Liife as a Circus by Erasmus

“Life as A Circus”

Life is like a circus

with the same exact cast of characters

popping out of its book pages.

We are surrounded by “ringmasters”

pulling strings, building, and running civilization.

We find “acrobats”

like equilibrists or trapezists

that defy gravity

performing jaw-dropping pirouettes

as part of their daily lives.

We marvel at the “magicians” and “illusionists”

who make us believe, 

in what is apparently real

through their ability

to dream, visualize,

enhance and augment mundane reality;

And some of them actually dare

to make it a better reality,

causing incremental quantum leaps

for the advancement and evolution of society.

We stumble into “jugglers”

who master dexterity and multi-tasking,

as if was second nature to them,

in order not only

to meet the challenges of a complex world,

but more importantly,

to assemble, operate 

and maintain “the engines of civilization.”

We rely on “the lion and tiger tamers” 

to control the wild and uncivilized,

the rule-breakers,

in order to maintain social order and peace,

through the enforcement 

of the rules of men.

We seek the “sword swallowers” and “fire eaters”

who defy danger and death,

with each and every move or throw,

as their feats don’t allow

for a single false step,

we hand them the controls

putting our lives in their hands

because we trust their skills

and their endless rehearsal and preparation,

to deliver us safely to our destination.

We run across “cannonball men”

who like to live life on a bang;

for them, the flights to nowhere

are the high they need and seek;

For these flights,

they are willing to take life to the limit,

if only for a few seconds,

even though their trajectories

Inevitably always end,

in a crash and burn situation.

We enjoy the “clowns and jesters”

always after a practical joke or a roast,

whether through ridicule,

outrageousness or burlesque;

They perennially chase

the lighter side of things,

in pursuit of laughter or a smile,

of which there are never enough in life.

By being the “patrons and spectators”

we get to witness, approve and disapprove

of everything that takes place

during the show in a ring;

We are demanding and judgmental;

as an intelligent herd,

we never miss a beat

and sometimes even alter,

the very acts of life in a circus.

Same as children who never forget

their first time at the circus,

the biggest show on Earth,

appeals as well,

to the inner child in all of us;

this occurs because in the circus

we witness the spectacle of life

without prejudice,

social rules

or the arrest of the mundane.

The circus’ spectacle displays performers

exercising their best talents,

candidly exposed,

executing stunning acts,

rehearsed to perfection,

so daring and outrageous,

even seemingly impossible,

we rave in childlike exuberance.

As in life,

circus performers

come from all walks of life,

and they all have something in common,

spectators recognize and covet;

they pursue what they love

and are passionate about it.

Circus performers achieve their high standards

through exceptional drive and desire,

innate abilities and strenuous preparation

over extended periods of time.

We find circus performers,

on every corner of the streets of life,

not only as shiny artists, elite athletes,

but also, as everyday citizens,

willing to tap their full potential

by pursuing and reaching,

what they are good at.

We all have some or much of

these characters inside us.

What is it?

A bit of a clown mixed with a full-blown illusionist?

Or a bit of a trapezist combined with a full-blown juggler?

Or perhaps a bit of a ringmaster

blended with a full-blown clown?

Whoever is the circus character fitting us best,

fact is,

in the roles of a circus reside

some of our best talents and strengths.


In the characters of a circus,

we get to contemplate, appreciate

what happens?

When we tap our full potential.

Life is a circus,

in as much as,

we let out inner child rejoice and embrace

its own characters,

without filters, fears or prejudice;

to discover which one

or several of them is us;

thus, we can unleash and soar

through the best use of our talents and passions,

like true circus performers do.

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