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Faith is a celestial force and a belief in outcomes

that we willfully invoke,

to profess our credos with overwhelming intensity.

Faith morphs believing

into an unstoppable inner strength

that becomes our spiritual engine

and dotes on us

a continuum of goodness and a giving soul.

Faith is awareness of the spirit

and mindfulness of the soul.

Faith is the indispensable source of meaning in our lives.

Faith is mysterious as it deals

with two rational unsolvable existential questions:

The conundrum of creation

and the enigma of a higher calling.

Faith is the realization

that there are many questions

about our universe’s origin

we don’t have an answer for

—neither we have proof

how it was created,

nor where will we be afterlife—

yet, we still deliberately chose to believe

wholeheartedly and steadfastly

in the existence of The Creator of it all.

Faith is unconditional love,

as well as,

the immutable, unstoppable, unwavering,

unflickering, stubborn

and indomitable belief,

that there is a reason and a purpose

for us being here,

dictated and gifted by The Creator.

When we profess it inside of a cocoon,

faith is nothing more

than an empty shell of falsehood.

Individualistic faith thrives

behind shields and walls of weakness,

erected to shy away,

disconnected from the world

through pitiful, self-serving beliefs;

just tunnel vision fantasies of our mind,

like mirages in the desert.

The world of darkness awaits us when faith is blind;

A life without a telescope

may lead us into perilous paths

filled with dire and unintended consequences.

In the face of misguided faith,

life’s vessel quickly loses its compass and purpose;

It becomes rudderless, without direction.

Thus, we are propelled forward

by fake passions and beliefs,

into tumbling trajectories,


if our endeavors prove to be hazardous or hurtful,

faith becomes a runaway train

that inexorably derails, crashes and burns.

To the contrary, faith is authentic

when driven by virtue, The Creator, or both.

But we are not born in faith or virtue

as both have to be acquired and grow in tandem,

feeding off each other driven by our beliefs.

Faith ages well over time, like a good wine,

out of our relentless pursuit,

through hard work and discipline,

of virtue, excellence,

and an inalterable, unassailable belief

in The Creator of all things.

When we have faith,

We see light in darkness,

We give love where there is hate,

We offer compassion where there is suffering and pain,

We provide healing where there are wounds,

We show loyalty where there is betrayal,

We eagerly reconcile where there is conflict,

We readily forgive where there is hurt,

We sacrifice and abnegate for those that need it most.

We ascent and rise to the occasion,

When the circumstances could not be worse,

We acquiesce and adjourn.

We are always austere and humble,

We are forever grateful and anonymous in our actions,

while our heart is pure, crystalline, joyful and wholesome;

Above all, we blindly trust

what The Creator teaches and expects of us.

When we have faith, we acclaim humanity,

elevating our existence to a higher calling,

where we acquire through creed and conversion,

a noble purpose for the spirit

and a God-driven meaning for the soul.

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